James Diamond's Drive By

JD's Drive By finds the best food in town!

Some of my creations.

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About Us

This sight is for those who love dining out and enjoy good affordable and tasty foods.

Throughout my stay in this lovely country, I've noticed that dining out is more than getting a pile of grub slapped on your plate and it is definitely not any sideshow act that could cause you bodily injury with a slip of the hand . No,  I found that it is a real sense of pride put into every little detail of preparing you an unforgettable meal. I call this sight Drive By not because of the infamous term used in gang warfare but, I love to drive and while driving I may notice a place, an awning or even a front door that has caught my eye. I have been 99.9% correct in finding a good restaurant this way.


I am going to compile some of the places I've been to and steer you in a direction for what you'd like to eat within your budget.

Take a look at my menu, and come visit us. Bon app├ętit!